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Company history

Hoist and Access Services office entrance.

Mission Statement

"To be recognised as the number one supplier for all hoisting throughout Scotland"


Hoist & Access Services was formed in Scotland in 1996. Based in Glasgow, the company specialises in hiring and selling of all types of hoisting. Today, we focus solely on construction hoist equipment and rubbish chutes. This specialised service is available to Scotland's construction, petrochemical and oil industries, offering not only hoisting equipment and rubbish chutes, but expertise, safety equipment, training and back-up. We see ourselves as a one-stop shop offering seven days a week, 24 hours a day service.

The goals we set ourselves when we started the company are the same as we strive for today – to build a reputation for having the highest quality and safest equipment along with a workforce that are passionate about their jobs and committed to making sure our customers are delighted with the service they receive from us.

The company is a mature, stable and successful organisation. This reassures our customers that as well as extensive knowledge of the hoist market, we have sound business sense and will be around for many years to come.