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Gantry / Trestle Hoist

A Gantry (also known as a Trestle) Hoist is primarily for use on flat roofs or from a scaffold platform.

The Gantry Hoist has a higher lifting capacity than that of a Scaffold Hoist and can therefore handle heavier loads. Its robust, heavy duty construction with built-in electric hoist is perfect for roof-top work and other situations where mounting problems make the standard scaffold hoist unsuitable.

The Gantry Hoist is solid and reliable in use but is also lightweight for ease of transport. A variety of lifting attachments are available eg: websling, rubble bucket, barrow chains, brick basket etc to suit your needs. Ballast boxes are also available, which when filled, allow the beam and trestle to be free standing.


  • Can be tied to scaffolding or used freestanding
  • Easy to assemble from just four components
  • Track-mounted hoist for fast, safe loading and unloading
Lifting capacity 300kg
Lifting height 25m
Voltage 110v

This equipment has been used at:

  • Ninewells Hospital, Dundee
  • BAE Systems, South Street, Glasgow
  • Robert Wiseman Dairies, Whitburn
  • Tweeddale Buildings, Fort William
  • Princes Street & Rose Street, Edinburgh
  • Irvine Central Hospital

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Gantry Hoist

Gantry Hoist

Gantry Hoist