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Ever wondered how that sign got up there?

Most of our day to day work is servicing the construction needs of working at height across Scotland. Some days however, bring more unusual work than others. Hoist & Access was the construction hoist company chosen to help get that huge screen up above Glasgow Central Station.

The giant 'Cityscreen' is owned by Forrest Media and is a large format LED digital screen with a viewing range of over 600 metres. The screen faces directly on to pedestrians and vehicles coming down the busy Renfield Street.  See the video of the Cityscreen here Thanks to Forest Media for the photograph below.

McCains advert on LED digital screen in Glasgow City Centre hoisted by HAS

And can anyone remember the sign in the old days? Renfield Street was obviously two-way in those days and check out the trams!

Photo of Barr's Irn Bru sign in Renfield Street, Glasgow