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Hoist & Access in the movies!

There was great excitement in Glasgow when Brad Pitt arrived in Glasgow to film the Hollywood movie World War Z. Glasgow city centre was transformed into downtown Philadelphia with spectacular car crashes and zombies running amok. What a surprise when the HAS team went to see the movie – we had a starring role! (No zombie comments please). The opening scenes were set in George Square and there, centre screen, for all the world to see, was the Hoist & Access banner! Our construction hoist had been on site in George Street during filming. Move over Brad, there's a new star in town.

But the celebrity stardom doesn't end there. Once we got talking about being on screen, we remembered we had also appeared in Taggart for about 3 years in a row when our hoists were on hire to Taylor & Fraser. We also appear in one of the photos in the book about Glasgow through the years on display at the new Riverside Museum of Transport & Travel. We do get around!

Hoist & Access sign in background of World War Z movie set

Thanks to Dougie Baird for the picture. Dougie's website are at Greattravelpictures and Scotlandhour