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When you have a difficult hoisting project - call upon HAS

At Hoist & Access Services, we have all been in the industry long enough to know how to manage most hoisting jobs. This means that you can rely on us when you have something that's just a bit out of the ordinary.

We have experience of working with chemical companies, where there is a restricted zone for radiation purposes.

'Live' environments are also a speciality of ours, such as a project we equipped in Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh which had to be carried out at night when the store was closed.

We also install a lot of our equipment in universities, schools, hospitals and nurseries, where we designate a safe area to work and have the safety of people at the forefront at all times. Our team always comply with safety vests, boots and hats when on site. (Which didn't save our General Manager from a well-targeted beanbag when inspecting our equipment on a children's playground recently – lucky he had his hard hat on).

Whatever your project, however complicated you think it might be, talk it through with us. We'll always find a solution.