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Hoist and Access Services

We are Scotland’s most established and highly respected hoisting company located in Glasgow. As our name suggests, we specialise in the supply and installation of hoists, including rubbish chute systems to the construction industry throughout Scotland.

Hoist and Access Services was formed in the summer of 1996 following a management buyout.

Scotland Hoisting Company

The company specialises in the provision of hoisting equipment to construction and industrial clients. We have a large range of hoists from small 70kg Scaffold Hoists to Rack & Pinion Passenger / Goods Hoists capable of lifting over 1 ton.
The other area in which we specialise is in the supply of access equipment and again we have a large range of machines from one man Personnel Lifts to Lorry Mounted and Self Propelled Booms with working heights of over 100 feet.

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